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15 Reasons

  1. It’s ALL about Fogging! Or should we say not fogging! We’ve traveled around the world, (3 times) to find the world’s BEST Anti Fog coatings. (only to find it here in the U.S.A!) Our lenses are coated with a patented Military Grade Anti Fog coating that prevents fogging down to 10 degrees and up to 132 degrees! This Anti Fog coating will last many moons if cleaned properly! Oh, yea, the outside of our lenses have a HARD Anti Scratch Coating that prevents the lenses from scratching easily! So instead of buying 3-5 lenses per year, all you need is one or two different colors thus saving you money!
  2. Our Lenses are designed to give you absolutely the BEST peripheral vision than any Mask on the Market! Guaranteed!
  3. The quality of our lens design and coatings are the future of ALL Tactical Mask! We’ve spared no expense in making our Lens design to give you the BEST peripheral vision with no eye strain and we use the world’s best Anti Fog, Anti Scratch and UV Coatings to give you the best quality eye protection known to man! NO MORE BLIND MAN!!!
  4. Quick Change Lens System! It takes about 10 seconds to pop our lens out and 10 seconds to pop a new one in! That’s right, we said it! We have one of the fastest, quickest and easiest lens system in the market!!!!
  5. Easily Replaceable Foam! That’s right! No more throwing away your mask after the foam falls apart! With our mask (Marks Allott and So Phat Series) you simply buy replacement foam for $12.95, put it in and you are done! Again, saving you money! And it takes about 3-5 seconds to change the foam!
  6. Easily Replaceable Strap! If you’ve ever tried to replace your strap, (which is probably one of those straps that wear out after 2-3 months) with our Mask you simply snap the strap clip out and snap a new strap in, takes about 3-5 seconds!
  7. PLUSH FOAM! We use high quality multi layered non hypoallergenic wider foam that hugs your face like no other! We don’t use cheap foam.
  8. Our Tactical Mask has graphics on them that are well, You won’t find ANY Mask that has ANYTHING CLOSE to ours!
  9. You can PAINT or add graphics to our mask! That’s right! Thousands of you out there want to add your team’s logo or colors to a mask. With our Mask, you can air brush it, put stickers on it and even use magic markers to make your mask, YOUR mask! (Marks Allott Series Only)
  10. Quality, Quality, Quality, at an affordable price! We’ve spent the last 2 years researching and designing a mask that is what all Tactical Players are wanting. All you’ll ever have to replace with our mask is the foam, strap and lenses. So instead of spending a lot for a decent mask 3-5 times per year, you’ll only spend a little potentially saving you hundreds per year!
  11. Low Profile! I know, it’s hard to imagine that our mask is a low profile mask, but from what we learned over the past 2 years, we designed our mask to give you a very low profile!!!
  12. No MORE PAIN from the Jell Cap or AS BB’s coming through the holes and hitting your face, lips, teeth or nose because of our Vent Plugs! 199 out of the 200 Tactical Players from around the U.S.A that tested our prototypes RAVED about the protection our mask gives them…the 1 guy likes pain! Go figure…But many of you HATE that! Duh!
  13. Comfort! Our mask is designed to fit 96% of the world’s population and since we use plush foam, the 199 Tactical Players that tested our mask, rated it THE most comfortable mask on the market!
  14. Our lenses meet or exceed ANSI and ASTM Paintball Standards for impact resistance, Luminance and optical clarity.
  15. Our Camo models are