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24 Reasons

  1. This SUM (Sports Utility Masks) protects your face from the sand blasting and rain drops that feel like 1,000 needles stinging your face, watery eyes from the cold wind, sudden extreme pain from hitting bugs, wind blown face, flapping cheeks, the ringing in your ears from the howling wind, road debris, Air Soft BB's, (This model is not for paintball, we'll be releasing the Paintball version soon.), mud and almost any thing else mother nature or your friends can through at you!!!
  2. It's lightweight, comfortable, takes less than 2 seconds to put it on or take it off and protects your face like nothing you've EVER tried before, GUARANTEED!
  3. The lens is treated with an anti-fog coating at the factory so it will NOT FOG UP!!
  4. This SUM fits comfortably over most prescription glasses and sunglasses!
  5. From solid colors to radical graphic designs, our three series of Masks will Save your Phace in style!
  6. The lenses are interchangeable and available in four different colors! So instead of buying 3 or 5 sets of goggles that have different colored lenses every year, this SUM will last a long time because its made out of tough ABS plastic, so all you have to replace is the lenses. Replaceable lenses are $19.95 each instead of $30-$100 for one pair of goggles times 3-5 pair per year.
  7. Some Save Phace SUM comes with a cloth stuff sack for easy storage when it's not in use ($10 Value).
  8. One size fits 98% of the population. We'll be releasing a smaller version soon.
  9. Adjustable elastic strap with "Sure Grip" technology holds the SUM firmly in place, even at speeds over 100 mph!
  10. Soft, comfortable, automobile grade poly urethane injected foam hugs your face so no Sand or water gets in the lens area. (on most models).
  11. Our Graphic Models (Simply Sick) are like snow flakes - no two are identical, making each a work of art!
  12. Unlike helmets that are big, bulky, heavy, cumbersome and mildew when they get wet, our SUM stows easily and can be dried off with a cloth.
  13. Unlike knit caps, this SUM doesn't get soggy when it gets wet!
  14. Unlike goggles, this Save Phace SUM protects more than just your eyes!
  15. This SUM has been field tested in the worst possible conditions Iraq can throw at it!
  16. The Save Phace SUM is virtually indestructible! It's made out of tough durable ABS plastic.
  17. Safety - how much are your eyes, ears, nose and mouth worth?
  18. It looks COOL!!
  19. Our lenses have military grade Anti Fog, Anti Scratch and UV coatings that meet or exceeds EN166, ASTM F659 anti-fog performance specifications, Falling sand (ASTM D968) test and Bayer abrasion resistance (ASTM F735.81-Modified) test.
  20. 90 day manufacturers warranty against defects!
  21. Great Prices on the Just Ill Series!
  22. You've already spent WAY over $1,000+ on your ride and gear, why not $60 to Save Phace?
  23. You can use it for riding your motorcycle, ATV, Snow Mobile, Personal Watercraft, Go Fast Boats, Sand Rails, Open Cock Pit Planes, Go Carts or for Snow Skiing, Snow Boarding, Air Soft, Sail Boat, Ice Sailing or almost any other sports activity you participate in. PLEASE CHECK YOUR STATE SAFETY LAWS, SOME STATES AND SPORTS REQUIRE HELMETS, SOME DON'T. This is NOT a Safety Helmet and not intended as full head protection. Use at your own risk.
  24. You can customize our SUM to fit your specific needs. Although it's almost perfect the way it is, you can paint it to match your Rail, Plane, Motorcycle, etc. or drill holes in it to give you some added ventilation or cut the forehead off to fit under your Skull cap. So please feel free to "Customize" your SUM!