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Custom Painted Masks

Thousands of you have been wanting a Mask that you can paint to match your teams colors, logo's or paint your sick design on it! 

You can purchase the mask and find someone to paint it for you OR you can have our official Artist do it. We recommend you have our Artist paint the mask because they've been doing it for awhile and have it down like nobody's business. Below are some examples of some of the custom masks we have painted for our customers. Like our masks, we only use the highest quality materials for these custom paint jobs and we only use true "artist", not carnival airbrush painters.

The ball-park cost will run anywhere from $100-$450 PLUS the cost of the mask. While custom graphics can get pricey, the good thing about this mask is the durability. If you are interested in a custom paint job for your mask, please complete and submit this Mask Customization Form, and we'll send you a quote. Please be as specific as possible when completing the email questions. The more specific you are about what you want the better your mask will turn out. If possible, please include Pantone Colors and remember, be specific, be very specific.

Custom Mask Painting Form

Check out some examples of what we've done!!

Damiana Custom Airbrushed
Feedback Custom Airbrushed
Flesh Phace Custom Airbrushed
Fraggo Custom Airbrushed
GetOvrHere Custom Airbrushed
Ghost Stalker Custom Airbrushed
Grimm Custom Airbrushed
Havok Custom Airbrushed
Immortal Custom Airbrushed
Infinity Custom Airbrushed
MutantCustom Airbrushed
Olah Custom Airbrushed
Pandora Custom Airbrushed
Phate Custom Airbrushed
RabidCustom Airbrushed
Reckage Custom Airbrushed
Stitch Custom Airbrushed
Subdued Custom Airbrushed
Warrior Custom Airbrushed
Betty BoopCustom Airbrushed
Grub KillaCustom Airbrushed
LectorCustom Airbrushed
SAW Custom Airbrushed
AnimalCustom Airbrushed
Evil Custom Airbrushed
PredatorCustom Airbrushed
Psycho SoldierCustom Airbrushed
Tekken Jaguar Custom Airbrushed