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Does the EFP (Extreme Face Protector) come in different sizes? No, one size fits all.

Does the EFP meet ANSI (American National Safety Institute) Standards? Absofreakinlutely!

Does the EFP meet CE (European) Standards? Absofreakinlutely!

Do you make cheater lenses for my EFP? Yep, in 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5 and 3.0

Will the slag damage the graphics? Nope. It is just like every other welding helmet.

Will the slag scratch the lens? Our lenses are made from a high quality poly carbonate. There are 3 BIG differences between our lenses and other welding lenses. 1) Our lenses are spherical (rounded), this prevents slag from sticking to the lens (round surfaces deflect projectiles better than a flat surface). 2) Our lenses are coated with a high quality anti abrasion coatings to help prevent scratching and 3) every other welding lens out there is made from a Virgin Lexan (poly carbonate). Virgin Lexan is THE MOST stickiest and THE MOST easily scratched poly carbonate known to man, which is why you have to replace other welding lenses more frequently than ours.

Why did Save Phace make a 180 degree welding lens design? Our eyes are made to see more horizontally than vertically, so doesn't it make sense to have an optical product designed around the way we see? AND we surveyed over 600 welders and all 600 said they wanted a welding hood with more vision.

How often will I have to replace the clear outer ADF protective Lens on the Gen X Series EFP? Depends on what kind of welding you do, how often you weld and how close you get to the slag. Cooper B-Line ( a large metal casing manufacturer) has been using our EFP for over 2 years now and they report that they change the clear ADF protective lens out 3-5 times less often than when they used traditional welding helmets.

Are all the parts on the EFP replaceable? Yes, every part on the EFP is replaceable.

Are the batteries on the Gen Y Series adjustable ADF replaceable? Yes, the Gen Y adjustable ADF batteries are replaceable. It can be replaced with a 3V Lithium Battery - CR2450.

Are all of the parts on the Elementary Series and Gen X Series interchangeable? Yes, all of the pieces on the Elementary Series and Gen X Series are interchangeable.

Can I get my own custom graphic done? Absofreakinlutely! Just click here to request a quote for your personal graphic design.

Can you tell me where to find the instructions on how to correctly install the halo? Every EFP comes with instructions, however you can find all of the "How To" videos on our YouTube Channel: Save Phace or click here

Why do you use a 2x4 ADF (Auto Darkening Filter) instead of a 4x4? Since we were created to see more horizontally than vertically, we decided to use a 2x4 lens that allows just as much horizontal view as a 4x5 ADF, and it allows us to create a more face forming profile.

Why do you make a clear lens for my EFP? The clear lens is to be used for grinding. We use it ALL of the time for cutting trees with our chain saw, scrapping stucco off the ceiling, ripping wood on our table saw, etc, etc...

Please make sure to check out our videos on our Save Phace You Tube Channel for more details about the EFP!