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Tactical Mask FAQs

Tactical Mask FAQ's:
Are your mask ASTM and/or CE Rated and approved for paintball? Yes! Our masks have exceeded the ASTM standards and are CE approved.

Are your lenses ASTM/ANSI Rated for Paintball? Our lenses have met and exceeded ANSI and ASTM Paintball Standards for impact resistance, luminance and optical clarity.

Does your lens fog up? NO and Yes…There is no such thing as a permanent anti fog coating solution. ALL lens coatings, eventually will wear off AND if you clean them incorrectly, it WILL increase the chances of fogging and speed up the deterioration process. We’ve been doing this for along time now and we literally flew around the world 3 times to find the WORLDS BEST anti fog coatings. We use a military grade, patented anti fog technology that several of the other current PB Mask manufacturers are switching to because of our success with these coatings. We test our single pane lenses by boiling a cup of water, waiting for the water to start steaming, then we hold the inside of the lens over the boiling/steaming water to check for fog…and our single pane lenses DON’T fog up at all…Our thermal pane lenses don’t even think about fogging in these conditions either… Our lenses have AF+AS+UV Coatings that meet or exceed EN166, ASTM F659 anti-fog performance specifications, Falling sand (ASTM D968) test and Bayer abrasion resistance (ASTM F735.81-Modified) test. Independent evaluation confirms our coatings are superior to other formable coatings and silicone hard coatings. In Taber abrasion (ASTM D1044) test, the abrasion resistance outperforms any other formable coating. Our anti-fog and anti scratch coatings are retained even after extended water immersion or repeated cleaning. So, if you can make our lenses fog up, God LUV you! However, with the right humidity, temperature, heat and moisture coming from your eyes, it is possible. No other commercially available anti-fog technology offers this level of long-term effectiveness and durability.

What sizes do they come in? Our Tactical Mask is designed to fit 96% of the world’s population. Most mask, if not all of the currently out on the market are designed to fit children size heads, (usually 13 or under). Since we, everyone here at Save Phace, are grown men that weigh more than 175 lbs, (actually more like 200+ lbs) we wanted to design a mask that would be more comfortable. The CFO’s daughter is 5 year old and it fits her as well as the CFO that is about 150 lbs…

Will the paintballs stain the graphics? We’ve tested every type of paint that we could get our hands on and found NONE that would stain it! With this said, IF you leave the paint on the mask for a length of time, like overnight or a week you might stain it…Also, We couldn’t get “Evil Paint” to test, but we hear that it will stain ANYHTING…

What’s the difference in the Series? The “Diss” Series is our entry level mask, comes with a thermal pane lens and has cool graphics on it. The “Dope” Series has custom developed graphics on it and also comes with one thermal pane lens. The “Marks-Allot Series” comes with a single pane lens and a thermal lens as well as a custom cut Save Phace bag AND can be painted to match your teams logo’s or you can airbrush it to whatever you like, (click here to see examples). And YES, we offer custom painting as well. The So Phat Series come with RWI Foam (replaceable, washable, and interchangeable), one clear Thermal pane lens AND one colored thermal pane lens, AND bag…