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NAFC Field Test Results Overall Rating: 7.5-wasn't higher because the price was published wrong. It's a lot lower now.
Scale: 1-10 (1 being poor and 10 being excellent)
Design: 7.5
Ease of Use: 8.8
Quality: 7.7
Versatility: 8.2
Appearance: 7.0
Effectiveness: 8.4
Rated against similar products: 7.0
Visibility: 9.0

"Recently, at the 2013 Bassmaster Classic, I was privileged to spend a day on the water with classic contender Shaw Grigsby. The forecast for the day called for 20 degree temps with a mix of sleet and snow. I knew that ripping across the water at 70+ MPH was going to be miserable. Thankfully I remembered to bring my Save Phace mask. Even with the extreme conditions the mask held up and protected me from the elements. Thanks Save Phace." Mike, Big Cabin, Oklahoma

"I bought my husband one of these last year and he LOVES it, so he had me to purchase one for his co-angler's Birthday last night. He said they work amazing in the rain when he's driving his bass boat! Thanks!!!" T.J., Lexington, South Carolina

"Thanks again you have a great product I purchased two masks one for myself and one for my partner. We used to fish the team circuit ABA of Eastern PA & NJ, and we took the masks everywhere we went. I also have several different lenses. Never leave home without them, I have allergies and let me tell you, if I make even a short run without my mask I will pay for it all day long. My eyes get so itchy I just wanna rip them out of my head. If I can't see I can't fish........PERIOD!! My Save Phace mask is the only thing that works when I am on the water no b/s. Thanks again." Jim Thompson

"I recently purchased your Dictator mask for our fishing tournaments. I really have had a hard time breathing and seeing when we are up on plane and running. I LOVE THIS MASK !!!! No more trying to hide behind the windshield !!! JUST WANTED TO GIVE YOU 5 STARS AND A HUGE THUMBS UP!!! THANKS FOR A GREAT PRODUCT." Lisa Holbert, Elkview, West Virginia

"I recently purchased one of the SUM's to use while riding my SeaDoo. I went out last weekend, 12/11/2010, water temp 52, air temp 41 and wind 25 gusting to 35. Usually I just wear goggles so the rest of my face would get painfully cold, not anymore, the SUM is fantastic and absolutely 'Zero' fogging." Scott, Lake Texoma, Texas

"Purchashed mask on 12-16-11 went to river on 12-17-11, 30 degrees that morning, we ran 30+ miles at speeds of 80+, Worked Great!" Tim Smith, Alabama

"To whom it may concern, Im a veteran of 14.5 yrs in the Army and currently deployed to Iraq with the 82nd Airborne Division. Im an avid bass fisherman and fish many tournaments throughout the year while home. Ive been deployed now for 9 months and I have spent a total of 3.5 yrs here in Iraq since 2005. The main reason why I am contacting you is to thank you guys for making such a great product. I have one of your Save Phace masks and its worth its weight in gold. Ive been fishing and had numerous things bounce off my mask and realized the benefits of having the mask to protect my face/eyes. I believe in letting others know about such great products, such as yours, so Ive told many other fisherman about your products. All I ever hear is great things concerning your masks. Thank you and take care......"SSG Richard Bies

"I own one of these and they are great on a motorcycle. I rode 185 miles last Saturday in 39-51 degree weather and my glasses did not fog up, nor did the lenses of the mask and it kept my face and cheeks warm all day." - Howard Padgett Jr. Assistant Store Manager Bass Pro Shops World Outdoors

"Staci, I received the masks yesterday. For lack of a better term 'They are F*ckin Awsome'. The images are nice and bright and full of subtle colors, they are just excellent!!! I was a bit hesitant, I admit, after seeing what I think was one of your masks in a Bass Pro up here and it was no where close to the image clarity with the two I just received. I cant wait to get to the lake and try them out..... maybe I'll just wear one driving on the highway with the window down and my head sticking out..... that would be quite the site eh" :)

"This mask is the epitome of facial protection! Not only does it protect you against the elements, it will turn heads and have people asking, "what the hell is on his face?" I love this thing!!!" Jason Ladd, Spring Hill, Tennessee

"I have no issue paying for quality product and I definitely have no issue paying an additional 40% duty for these, the masks are definitely worth the total cost I paid for them. Thank you very much!!!" Darren, Ontario, Canada

"In all seriousness, we were at Kentucky Lake and had 30-40 mph gusts and we were getting beat around in the boat and getting sprayed and rained on. When the wind blows there, it can be like the Gulf of Mexico. It made all the difference in the world. When I got home one of my friends who had been contemplating ordering an SUM called me and asked how it worked, I said put in your order today. He is now a proud owner and had a tournament this past weekend (and it was cold) and loved it. It's nice having a boat console in front of you, but there is only so much of a wind and rain block that it can provide. I would suggest to any fisherman, boater or non boater to buy an SUM........I wish I would have bought it two years ago. Thank You." Josh Leonard, North Vernon, Indiana

"I tryed out my new Terminal (Skull) Face Mask On a 400 Mile Trike (motorcycle) ride in the Arizona Heat and sunny Skies this weekend we had high winds and my face didn't get sunburnt or wind burned and my eyes didn't dry out. I enjoyed the ride greatly, and I will definitely tell other Motorcycle & Trikers about this." Gary Hicks. Shorty, Arizona State Director Of the Brothers of the Third Wheels, Mesa, Arizona

"Hey folks, Just wanted to let you know my new mask paid for itself yesterday. Heading to the ramp for weigh-in, the rain and sleet that had been coming down changed to penny-sized hail stones. I was on plane and doing about 60mph, and never even blinked! The mask stayed fog-free and allowed me to run full speed into the hail while other guys were having to slow down and cover their faces. Best $60 I ever spent." Doug Roberts, Paris, Tennessee

"Just had to let you know this...I bought 2 masks from Bass Pro and just had a chance to use them. I can't tell you what a hero I am with my wife. She is thrilled with the Save Phace mask, and wanted to know what took me so long to get them. By the way, I also impressed, they just make the ride so much more pleasurable..." - Robert Martin, St. Charles, Minnesota

"Great product, eliminates ALL problems of vision when running at speed. It's simple to put on, light weight, comfortable, and does not fog up. Doesn't hamper your hearing either, (if you can hear over the motor noise). In short I like it and can't wait for bug season". Ed Olsen

"Last thursday I was running back in the evening at Grand Lake, a duck swooped into me and hit me in head while I was running wide open, triton 21 with a 225, it was incredible, the lense popped out but I was not hurt at all other than a very sore neck.I want to thank you for your Mask, I bought two years ago, have used them very often." - Bud McIntyre

"We have found that your product has not only met our expectations but exceeded them by far. Thanks again for having a product that stands up to the way its described. Your product proved worth its weight in gold. Today we were subjected to a sand storm, and alot of sun and wind. The mask kept me protected from the elements and comfortable in performing my mission. The soldier who took the photo was getting an unwanted free facial from the effects of the sand blasting him at 60 mph. We have found that your product has not only met our expectations but exceeded them by far. Thanks again for having a product that stands up to the way its described." Sgt. Leadingham, Iraq

"I drive a Bullet 20XD with a Merc Racing 280HP capable of speeds in excess of 107mph. At these speeds it is absolutely imperative that you maintain perfect vision of the water, both ahead and to the sides of your course in all weather and lighting conditions. It is also equally important to feel the boat with all your senses. I have spent 100's on what was promised to be the solution to this problem, helmet, goggles, and specially lined glasses all of which were a disappointment and unsafe. The Save Phace mask is the answer to both high and low speed safety. In my opinion, Save Phace should be as standard as your PFD and required equipment for all tournaments both large and small." Randy T. Subjeck

"I just used my mask down at Clark Hill resevoir last week where the weather was terrible with temps at 27 degrees and some rain and wind up to 30 to 40 mph. Riding in the boat was tolerable due to the mask. I am not sure what I would have done without it." John Yarbrough

"As a professional bass fisher person, I am impressed with the face mask. It really works well..." Wanda & Bill Rucker - Team Rucker

"...I used it the other morning at take off it was 22 degrees outside. I love this thing! There was some jealous anglers checking it out." Mark Phillips

"We took off and was doing about 55 mph when some of the branches flew back and hit me in the face. If not for my Save Phace mask, I would proably have a face or eye injury. Thanks to Save Phace I'm OK..." Russell Labarge

"I used my Fish Hedz for the first time on Saturday ... and it was great. We took off in the morning and were cruzin' at 68 mph. My face was nice and warm the entire time. I've used a helmet in the past and my face was always cold, especially my neck and chin. With the Save Phace I'm able to keep my hood on and not worry about the wind chill." Steve Skanderson


"I just wanted to compliment yall. I bought one of your masks at the bike show here in town I believe it was about 3 years ago. I have nothing but great things to say! I've been hit by bugs, rocks, and been through some rough storms and the mask and me have pulled through. I recently was in a wreck wearing my mask and as I know it is not DOT rated my head and mask came through with but a small scratch! I pass the word of your web site anytime some shows interested! Thank yall again for your great product." Daniel Metcalf, San Antonio Texas