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"Thanks again for the sample masks. This is the ONLY full face mask (when vent plugs are in place) under $100 that completely keeps bb's out during the rigorous AirSoft Medicine testing. Other full face masks tested include several models of JT masks and the Proto. That is an accomplishment that Save Phace should be very proud of. Even in the event of a sniper rifle accidentally firing at point-blank range, a player's eyes and face should be safe if they are wearing a Save Phace mask with the vent plugs in place. Congratulations." Mark Vaughan, M.D. www.airsoftmedicine.com

"Hi I recently bought your so phat tactical mask and i just wanted to let you know it is the most comfortable mask I have ever used. Also Im not sure if this was intentional but the mask is totally compatible with the ESS Profile Series Profile RX Lens Inserts so now i dont have to wear my glasses under the mask." Lcpl Johnny Campos Jr U.S.M.C

“I am a back line judge and tend to get shot in the head quite a bit during games. Having a rigid frame mask with a good forehead shield was great. In the first semi-final game I got shot 7 times in the head and didn’t have to pause at all from reffing as I didn’t feel any impact at all. In my old mask I would have had to stop and adjust my mask and deal with the pain of getting hit so often before returning to my reffing responsibilities.” Shane Owens, Oviedo, FL

"I recently bought a savephace mask, the jungle justice, i am in love with the mask i think it has helped me with my paintball game alot. it is very humid in alabama so my old mask would fogg up 5 min into the game.I have played severeal games and my mask is yet to fogg up. Thanks" Daniel Smith, Sylacauga, AL

"This mask is the epitome of facial protection! Not only does it protect you against the elements, it will turn heads and have people asking, "what the hell is on his face?" I love this thing!!!" Jason Ladd, Spring Hill TN

"I was given the opportunity to use a new tactical face mask at OP Dead Mans Hand played 12/8/07 . This Mask is made by "savephace" and These are definitely not the typical store bought face protection that is made for Paintball and regularly used in airsoft.

I have always worn a full mask and had my share of issues with them, I know a lot of players don't like to wear full face masks and there are many different reasons for this, but Fogging and limited vision seem to be the biggest problems.

I knew from the moment I tried this mask on it was not like any other, I had ever worn. It is a tight fit mask with a large amber lens and a strong outer shell, this thing is solid and comfortable. I was ready to get it in some games!

As the Texans, it was Off to the Alamo, we dug in to the church and waited for the battle to begin. one thing that stood out immediately was how much easier it was to use my gun sights with this mask and a lack of the Major blind spots common with traditional PB masks. with about ten minutes left in that game, someones well placed round made a nice loud pop on the new mask.

Since I spent all of the first game just shooting, I spent the next two running around shooting and trying to fog this thing up, it didn't work. I did manage to get some sweat on the lens but No fogging at all. I took quite a few more of those loud pops during the next two games. When I got back to the staging area I was impressed by how easy it was to remove the lens and wipe it down, and that they make eight or nine different lenses for it.
I took it back out for one more run, with it being close to dusk and wanting to see if it could make it in the dark without fogging and it did great, this time I had to walk off the field because it was just to dark to see, no loud pops in this one.

This is by far the best mask I have seen, I realize they cost a little more than most PB masks.The price range is 49.99 to 74.99 depending on what you like. The one I tested was $64 and worth every penny I would say if you have been considering getting a new mask or getting your first. you should take a good look at the line of Tactical masks. They truly do Savephace!!

"First of all, I'm 6'6" and have a pretty big head...no jokes please. This is one of the few masks that fits comfortably. I also LOVE the RWI foam. I just wish you had more mask designs that had RWI foam. I was visibly giddy last night when I saw how easy it was to detach the strap and remove the lens. The only thing I think you guys could improve on is the user's guide. I would suggest a booklet style with pictures". - John Crumley, Arlington TX

“I would also like to say that after playing with your mask for a couple of weeks now, I am more than happy with it. Quality and ease of use is top notch. I have gotten nothing but positive comments and have persuaded my team to purchase the masks as well. Keep up the great work and fantastic customer service.”
Thomas Szuba, Toronto, ON

"The mask cleans very quickly and easily without needing to remove the lens. Because of the lens fit very little paint gets under the lens which is common in other masks. This makes cleanup as simple as a little spray of water and a quick wipe down and everything is as good as new."

I used the mask for a 24 hour event this weekend, and it was perfect! I got tons of compliments, and tons of bounce off of it! Thank you for the great mask, and thank you for the awesome customer service.

"We have found that your product has not only met our expectations but exceeded them by far. Thanks again for having a product that stands up to the way its described. Your product proved worth its weight in gold. Today we were subjected to a sand storm, and alot of sun and wind. The mask kept me protected from the elements and comfortable in performing my mission. The soldier who took the photo was getting an unwanted free facial from the effects of the sand blasting him at 60 mph. We have found that your product has not only met our expectations but exceeded them by far. Thanks again for having a product that stands up to the way its described." - Sgt. Leadingham, Iraq

"Hello at Save Phace; I was able to play this weekend with the mask and get a few peoples comments on it. I took a shot in the mouth and ate paint but that happens the mask was super comfortable to wear and the thick foam soaked up tons of sweat keeping it out of my eyes. The protectant was applied several times as directed and the goggles never fogged or even acted like they were going to. I had a couple of semi-pro players try it on and their comments were very comfortable, one said he preferred soft ear covers, because his stood out, the other guy liked it without comment. Both liked their DYE mask, I think because it was a team mask that they had to play with. Another comment was people liked to wear "low profile" mask because they would take the pain from a bounce off the head, I did take one shot in the fore head protector that might have been a bounce so next time i will take it off and find out for my self it it helps. An idea I have is a fore head protector that is flexible foam so it gives a little, while still providing some protection. I also had a problem putting the screws back in the mask I do not know if there might be an easier way to attach the top part of the mask. I was not able to get any pictures as a result of games starting quickly. I am pleased with my purchase and am trying to promote as best as I can, Thank you for everything." - Justin Olsen

The Predator mask I bought a few days ago far exceeded expectations it looked a 1000x better than it did online and it covered my ears which was a plus since most of the ones you buy don't very well! Thank you for a great product! - Justin Jenkins, Sand Springs OK

"Hey I just want to congratulate Save Phace as solid product!. During playback of last month my mask airsoft Save Phace saved me a lot of pain, not to mention total! Blindness, I was moving around a bunker when I got to the final and one of the guys in the game I was about to shoot an enemy, then BLAM!!! at close range on the right side of the face! It was a total shot flook luck and it was not intentional and the guy felt horrible until she left me laughing! Now I'm blind in my left eye and this could have been the rest of my vision if not for my Save Phace mask! free
If this were a cheap mask might not have been so lucky! free
Thanks guys for a solid product and recommend it to anyone asking! - DeadEye Oniell Ocala, FL