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EFP Helmet

OMG!  We did it AGAIN!  Introducing the RFP (Radical Face Protector) featuring the WORLD's LARGEST viewing area of over 40 Sq. Inches AND the ONLY Welding Helmets in the WORLD that has an Integrated 4"x4" ADF integrated into a 180 degree Welding Lens giving you ear to ear vision when welding!

AND NO other welding helmet in the world offers you:
  • 180° perfect peripheral vision,
  • FASTEST Protective Lens Change System in the WORLD! (takes 2-3 seconds AND you do not have to be an mechanical engineer to figure out how to replace it!)
  • Face forming profile that allows you to get into tighter spaces,
  • Better airflow than any other helmet!
  • The world's 1st and only 4"x4" ADF (Auto Darkening Filter) integrated into a 180° welding lens so you get the best of both worlds. And doesn't it make sense????? Think about it,,,,aren't we created to see more horizontally than vertically???? So how much taller do you need an ADF to be?
  • Our NEW Multi Point, Multi Adjustable, DUAL Band Articulating Headgear!
  • Approved for Overhead Welding!
  • The ADF lens color is green while welding.
  • And come on, let's be honest, our graphics are just plain sick…
  • So, if you are looking for the World's BEST Welding Helmet, STOP!  You just found it!  Trust us, you are gonna LOVE IT!  Guaranteed!


    40 VizI2 Series

    OMG!!! Is what you are gonna say when you see all of the GREAT features this Series Offers you!

    NO OTHER Helmet in the WORLD gives you ALL of these features AND QUALITY for the price! Not even close…

    40 VizI4 Series


    We just didn’t raise the Standard for welding helmets, we BURNED it to the ground and rewrote the Book on what a Welding Helmet should be!!!! All the GREAT features AND QUALITY of the 40VizI2 BUT with 4 Sensors!!!!

     GoodBetterBest (Personal)The BombBad ASSULTIMATE BAD ASS
    Features and Functions
    SeriesElementaryDown n’ DirtyGen XGen Y40VizI240VizI4
    Filter Dimension NO4.33" x 3.54"4.25" x 2"4.25" x 2"4.33" x 3.54"4.33" x 3.54"
    View Size NO3.82" x 1.85"3.62" x 1.42"3.74" x 1.38"3.82" x 1.85"3.82" x 1.85"
    Warranty24 months24 months24 months24 months24 months24 months
    Classification NO1/1/1/21/1/1/11/1/1/21/1/1/21/1/1/2
    Sensors NO22224
    Light StateNO43444
    Dark StateNOVariable shade 9-1310Variable shade 9-13Variable shade 9-13Variable shade 9-13
    Power ControlNOFully automaticFully automaticFully automaticFully automaticFully automatic
    Shade Control Clear LensBubba (Internal)
    Cletus (External)
    Switching Time at 23°CNO0.08ms0.3ms0.3ms0.08ms0.08ms
    Sensitivity & Delay Time Control NOYESNOYESYESYES
    Time From Dark to LightNO0.1-0.9s adjustable0.4s0.1-0.9s adjustable0.1-0.9s adjustable0.1-0.9s adjustable
    Grinding FunctionClear Grinding LensYESNOYESYESYES
    Grinding Warning Flash NOYESNONOYESYES
    Low Battery Warning Indicator NOYESNONOYESYES
    Operation Temperature-10°C- 65°C (14°F-149°F)-10°C- 65°C (14°F-149°F)-10°C- 65°C (14°F-149°F)-10°C- 65°C (14°F-149°F)-10°C- 65°C (14°F-149°F) -10- 65°C (14°F-149°F)
    Power Supply NOSolar Cell, NO Battery ChangeSolar Cell, NO Battery ChangeSolar Cell & Replaceable BatterySolar Cell, NO Battery ChangeSolar Cell, NO Battery Change
    Lowest Current AmpNO10A20A5A10A5A
    Interchangable LensesYes, Shade 3, 5, 8, 10, 12 and ADF Complete assemblyNOClear 3, 5, 8, 10, 12NONONO
    Cheater Lens CompatibleNOYESYESYESYESYES